The city of Odense participates in the Liveable City- project from 2003 to 2006. The project is funded by The European Regional Development Fund.
The vision for the project in Odense is to promote initiative, development and activity to historical city centres to the benefit of both citizens, visitors and commercial traders.

The Path to the vision will be created as a joint venture between the private industry and public authorities.

The main objective of the Liveable City project is the drawing up of best practice methods for city management. Methods which will be applicable to any in the North Sea Region.

The city of Odense works together with five other historical city centres in the North Sea Region. The six partner cities are:

Lincoln, England
Norwich, England
Trondheim, Norway
Gent, Belgium
Emden, Germany
Odense, Denmark

The five areas of focus
It is the intention to promote the many qualities of the city of Odense as well as strengthen the sense of local identity by initiatives within five major areas of focus:

> Development of a strategy for Odense's spatial and historical inheritance
> Management of movement
> Regeneration of market squares and market life
> Quality maintenance of public and private space
> Urban design